The 4KUS CONSULTING GROUP, INC. is a specialty business consulting company that draws upon years of experience. We offer general expertise in several fields and welcomes clients to work collectively with us to expand their products or services. Everyday we help our clients overcome operational problems, implement new business and marketing plans, generate feasible fiscal outcomes, formulate growth strategies, and improve their overall performance. 

Our Grants & Contracts Division is available to individuals and organizations who are seeking grant funding to underwrite the costs of operations, personnel, and the implementation of innovative programs.  Our agency has over 25 years of grantsmanship experience and has acquired over $150 million in grant funds. 

"Pathway" the proprietary fiscal management services designed by especially for Federally Qualified Community Health Centers (FQHC's)offer consultants who are experienced, credentialed, financial experts and leaders in the areas of financial management.

We are a team of professionals who are known for our considerable industry experience and excellent customer satisfaction. Through our Specialty Consulting Services we help organizations and companies understand, implement, and define needed change.

It is our mission to unite our client's intimate knowledge of their initiatives with our expertise in managing change effectively to achieve successful outcomes.

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